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6 Unusually Delicious Treats To Have With A Chocolate Fountain

Hiring a chocolate fountain is always are always great fun to have at your event. Who doesn't love guzzling on melted chocolate or sinking marsh-mellows into a pool of chocolatey goodness? Unfortunately though, as a nation, I don't think we are getting the most out of our chocolate fountains.

Very few people will ever dare to try anything with their chocolate fountain other than doughnuts, strawberries and marshmallows. However, there is a whole world of foods out there that nobody would really ever associate with dipping into a chocolate fountain but are remarkably delicious.

Without further ado, here are 6 foods which I think people should have with their chocolate fountains, which are unusually delicious.

1. Oreo Cookies

Oreo cookies with rented chocolate fountain

Oreo cookies!?

Typically the Oreo Cookie has been seen as a tacky child's treat. Yet, the Oreo Cookie makes for a perfect, luxurious dessert to have with a chocolate fountain at your classy event. I think the creators of The Oreo have seriously gone wrong when they suggested that this treat was the ideal dipping item for milk.

No... this is a gross underestimation of what the Oreo can achieve. It is certainly not just made for dipping in milk. The Oreo, smothered in melted chocolate makes for a much more exciting and tongue tickling experience than dipping in milk.

2. The Profiterole

By Jove, the profiterole is already a classy, delicious dessert that rightly owns a position on the league tables of the worlds' best treats. But, just why has nobody ever considered dipping it in chocolate?

I know that profiteroles come with melted chocolate drizzled on top of them. But there's something different and much more satisfying about soaking the entire thing in rich, melted chocolate.

Watching the melted chocolate drip through the pores of the profiterole and mix with the thick cream is really something quite heavenly that nobody should miss out on.

3. Pretzel Sticks

Long gone are the days when savoury could not be mixed with sweet. This old adage of "don't mix sweet with savoury" was only created by old power hogs in feudal England to prevent the rest of the ordinary people from enjoying the delicious treats that they were having up in their castles.

(Do not hold me to that fact, i'm a salesman not a historian)

Pretzels are 100% supposed to be enjoyed with a chocolate fountain. The saltiness of the pretzel, gives the mix of the two a unique taste that makes you quench for more.

I don't need to go on about this, i'm sure you can imagine what it tastes like.

4. Roast Potato

Ew, only joking.

4. Turkish Delight

Turkish delight, perhaps one of the oldest, most prestigious treats out of the items listed on this article, is a taste of heaven. They even have Turkish delight in Nania if I remember correctly from the film.

Drenched in chocolate, however, the Turkish delight becomes even more delightful. The smoothness of the chocolate, in contrast with the chewiness of the jelly inside the Turkish delight creates an experience as welcoming as coming into a warm house after a long walk in the cold.

5. Chocolate Digestive

It does not take a stretch of the imagination to picture how delicious a chocolate digestive would be dipped in a chocolate fountain -- making a double chocolate extravaganza!

The digestive can be great fun to use. One idea I had at an event was to squish marsh mellow in the middle of two chocolate digestives and dive the marsh mellow/chocolate digestive sandwich into the fountain.

6. Waffle kebab

Again, going against the idea of not mixing sweet and savoury, I think that waffle kebab is a great idea to wow your guests at the chocolate fountain.

Waffle and chocolate sauce has always been a popular dish, especially in American sitcoms like Two and a Half Men or cartoons like The Simpsons for some reason. But, oddly not many people think about having them on a cocktail stick for dipping.

In Britain especially, I've not heard of many people having waffles with chocolate.

So, maybe having this treat with the chocolate fountain at your event might make it that little bit memorable. Try it out, what have you got to lose?

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